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A F*CK No Flowchart – Say No Without Guilt

Milena Regos

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A F*CK No flowchart?

Why not! We can all use a little more No’s these days to free up more time, energy and creative space.

In preparation for my workshop yesterday on The Joy of No, I researched the heck out of the topic.

I read, watched and tuned into podcasts from monks to rebels, neuroscientists to psychologists and everyone in between.

It turns out, we really have our amygdala to thank for making saying No so hard. We are stressed out and go on auto pilot, so Yes is easier than No. Plus, we feel guilty, suffer from some serious FOMO and think the world will come to an end if we say No.

On top of this, we are overachievers, people-pleasers, perfectionists and push-overs.

This flow chart is the best I could find in all my hours of research. Thank you Sarah Knight!

Sarah Knight also has a super popular TED Talk (over 9 million views) on the same subject. Worth 10 min of your time.

Sarah’s my kind of girl too – quit the busy corporate job in New York and moved to small fishing village in the Dominican Republic to write No fucks given guides. I have a total crush on her.

So, if you struggle with:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Saying No to overwork
  • Saying No to obligations, parties, and stuff you don’t feel like doing
  • Saying No to friends and family.
  • Saying Yes to yourself

Put this flowchart to test.

If you really struggle with Saying No, we’ll be talking about this for the whole month over at

Print it out, stick it on your mirror, put in your wallet and use the heck out of it.


P.S. When I reached out to you about your burning question about my upcoming Unhustle Mastery program, one of you said: “When you work in an organization that insists on information overload through hundreds of emails a day, multiple teams channels, and other inputs – other than leaving how can that be managed to avoid burnout, imposter syndrome, incompetence, etc.?”

My response – use the Flow Chart above.

Got any more questions for me? I’ll answer it in the next email.

P.P.S Doors to Unhustle Mastery are open. Limited to 15 people.

Become unhustled.


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