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Do More With Less By Tapping Into Your Intuition

Milena Regos

In a world obsessed with busyness and chasing success at all costs, we end up burnt out, stressed out, and lonely. At Unhustle, my vision is to shift this paradigm. It’s about finding the sweet spot between doing and real living, embracing a lifestyle that balances life enjoyment with purposeful achievement. This is the future I’m creating with Unhustle—a sustainable, prosperous future for ourselves, our families, communities, teams, companies, and the planet.

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Do More With Less

Do. Fast. Busyness. Eat, work, sleep, repeat. Work More. Sleep less. Buy More. Respond right away. Long hours. Endless emails. Text Messages. Notifications. Social Media. No vacations. Extreme exhaustion. Burnout.

We are in the rat race. The constant Hustle our society has imposed on us and even glorify at time. In my opinion, Hustle Culture is overrated.

I see what it does to people over and over again. I know what it did to me. Being in the digital marketing industry for years, I saw this constant hustle consume people. Eat them alive. I used to be in it. I was under chronic stress. I was always connected, worked long hours, and had high expectations of myself. I’m not alone. Some of my peers are still on the path of exhaustion. Others realized they need to get out of the race. Some become yoga or meditation teachers. Others got involved with non-profits or change careers. I started Unhustle.

All this hustle leads to chronic stress

Sometimes we are so used to the daily hustle and being under stress that we don’t even realize it. Our bodies get stiff. We get used to living with pain and aches. We put on extra weight and contribute it to getting old. Our sleep suffers and that’s a downward spiral in itself. We are completely disconnected from our bodies.

What if there’s another way. Do you want to feel good, alive, full of energy every day?

Can you do more with less by tapping into your intuition?

If you are stuck in the hustle and wonder how to do more with less, try moving more.

To do more with less, you need to connect more with your body. Get out of your analytical, brilliant mind and tap into the intelligence of your body. Let it guide you into your next decision. Tap into your intuition, your gut instinct. How do you do it?

One of the best ways to tap into your intuition is to move your body.

Do Some Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to connect your mind and body. The word “yoga” means union. A union of the mind, body, and spirit. QiGong is another flowing movement to move your energy. It leaves me feeling calm and energized at the same time. A full-body experience. My favorite YouTube free videos for yoga and QiGong are: Yoga with Adriene and Lee Holden.

Connect with Nature

Time in nature helps you get grounded and connected with your body. Engage all your senses, let your mind wander, get curious and experience awe of what you see. Bonus points for getting your exercise outside.

Exercise Outside

Bike ride, hike or run outside. Move your body in the way it’s intended to move. You can do sprints outside, yoga, or simply go for a walk and inhale the fresh air.

Exercise not your thing?

Let Your Mind Wander

Stare out the window, wait in line without looking at your phone, daydream. Without realizing it or even expecting it, you’ll solve a problem or come up with a creative idea that will elevate your business.

Pick one of these practices and implement for a week. See if experience a change. Do you feel more connected with your intuition? Is your creativity stronger? Do you come up with better ideas? Go to the Unhustle Facebook group and let us know what you experienced.

Your turn? What is your way of getting more in touch with your body intelligence and your intuition?

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