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Reading Time: 2 minutes

How to know when getting off the hamster wheel is the right decision

How do you know that the high paying job you have is no longer enough?

I sat down with with former head of wellbeing and mindfulness at Google, Ruchika Sikri, to talk about her new sense of purpose, being and freedom as she departs corporate world to start a new journey.

We talked about how finding self care and self awareness can push you into unknown territories leading to greater purpose and meaning.

In this video, we discuss:

– Good for humans technology

– Offline and online living and how it impact our loneliness

– The Great Resignation

– How we redefine the future of work

– How young generations perceive how they want to work, live and play

– How organization leaders can win and retain talent

– Why wellbeing and mindfulness in the workplace is critical and how it impacts the bottom line of the organization and why hustle culture is not sustainable

– Why humans need recovery time so we can come back with more vigor and vitality

– Why managers and leaders can lead by example

– Which responsibility it is to lead self-care initiatives

– How Ruchika Sikri was able to define boundaries while leading the wellbeing and mindfulness initiative at Google, why she likes to hustle and how her regular mindfulness practice led to a healthier lifestyle

– How realizing that we have limited time on the planet can push us into making the right choices

– When getting off the hamster wheel is the right decision

– Ruchika’s secret unhustle strategy every one can adapt

Ruchika Sikri launched an exciting initiative called Wisdom Ventures, building a future of greater human connection and wellbeing. You can learn more here:

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