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Gain Clarity in What You Really Desire in the Next 6 Months

Milena Regos

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Gain Clarity in What You Really Desire in the Next 6 Months

Most people struggle not having clarity.

The first step in redefining success is having clarity about what you really want. According to the teachings of the Vedas, which you may know as yoga, there are four desires. I learned this from Rod Stryker, who’s been teaching yoga and these principles to thousands of people. Having clarity is the very first step in being able to design a life in flow, well-being, joy, and abundance. Then, by tapping into your soul’s desire and intuition, you can articulate what will bring you more fulfillment in the next six to eighteen months.

Unfortunately, too many people continue to struggle and live on autopilot because they don’t take the time to gain clarity about what would make them happy. As a result, they end up:

  • Going through life lacking fulfillment

  • Feeling like you live on autopilot

  • Struggling instead of feeling alive, aligned, and abundant

  • Waiting for “someday” to permit yourself to do what you want today

I will give you the exact process I followed to gain clarity about my version 2.0. Once you have clarity, the rest becomes easy. You may not know every step, but you’ll have a general sense of where you want to go and enough light from your headlights to get you to the next few hundred yards. Then, the rest of the road will appear, and eventually, you’ll create your new version of success.

Here’s how to do it step by step:

1. Choose a desire

According to the Vedas, there are four distinct desires:

  • Dharma: the desire to become you’re meant to be; the desire to have meaning and purpose

  • Artha: the desire for means (money, health) to help you accomplish your Dharma

  • Kama: the longing for pleasure in all forms; to experience joy; relationships; play, creativity

  • Moksha: the desire for spiritual realization and ultimate freedom

These desires are ever-present and fluid. According to the Vedas, these are an essential part of your soul essence, and your “soul uses them to fulfill your potential.” By honoring each one, you create a balanced and fulfilling life. However, At any point in your life, one desire may prevail, and fulfilling it means you will increase your level of fulfillment. Once you enliven your capacity to fulfill your soul’s desire, you’ll step into your higher potential. Even material wealth is seen as the path to creating more impact and influence on your Dharma- your bigger purpose. This yoga tradition teaches us that it’s not the desire that causes pain and suffering but instead our attachment to the desire. Knowing your soul’s purpose and allowing you to guide you is the path to living a fulfilling and happy life. Clarity is key, but you still need to take action – with courage, love, strength, and skill.

So now that you understand the four desires let’s move to the next step.

2. Tap into your intuition

To get to your intuition and what your soul desires, a short meditation can help you get there faster.

Sit comfortably, and become aware of your breath. Count backward from 10. Feel your mind and body relax. Observe the peace and stillness. Next, focus your attention on the area between your eyebrows. Connect your breath with the point between your eyebrows. Now connect the point between your eyebrows with the middle of your brain, in between your temples. Observe the connection. Continue to breathe. Eventually, you’ll experience a state of effortless calm and relaxation. Bask in this place of pure contentment, ease, and joy coming directly from you. You can now tap into the wisdom of your body – your intuition. For many, that’s in the gut or heart area.

Without opening your eyes, which of the four desires you just read sounds the most appealing to you. Let the answer come to you. Once you have it, open your eyes and move to the next step.

3. Mindmap it

Grab a piece of paper, but the desire in the middle, circle it, and add 8 – 12 specifics about what this desire means to you using a process called Mind Mapping, developed by neuroscientist by the name of Tony Buzan. It allows for the expansion of intuition and creativity. The goal is to write down things you desire will affect or improve. You want to get specific. Don’t overthink it. Just jot down what comes to mind.

4. Describe your new success

Once you have your words, articulate a clear, concise, and realistic statement of what your future success looks like six to eighteen months from now. Use a paragraph or two. Include an emotional connection with this intention; how will it make you feel once you step into your new reality.

5. Set an intention

Now, narrow it down to just one clear statement, a Sankalpa. Then, answering these two questions helps narrow down the intention:


What do you want to achieve, and who do you want to become?

What would having it look and feel like to me?

Your Sankalpa can focus on results or attitude. It needs to be specific and achievable in your time frame. You need to believe you can achieve it. It needs to be worded in the present tense, using your words. A Sankalpa focuses your mental and energetic resources on achieving your goal – it offers a clear and definitive resolve to accomplish your goal. Having a clear Sankalpa will put you in charge of your destiny.


I’m forever grateful to Rod Stryker for walking me through this process which jump-started my version2.0. journey and made me realize that I need more purpose and meaning in my life. As a result, I stepped into my Dharma, pivoted my career, designed an authentic life in flow, moved to Baja, drastically improved my health, relationships, joy, and well-being, created a purpose-driven business, and stepped into my full potential.

It takes less than 30 min to do this exercise, yet we go years without having clarity. Set the time aside and do it now.

Set some time aside to do this now and regain your clarity.

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