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Hustle – a Journey and the Results of What I Lost and Found

Milena Regos

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You know my story. I used to hustle. And then, I decided there’s a different life out there that looked more fun.

I woke up this morning and after watching the sunrise I did a quick inventory of the past 5 years of my life. Turns out I lost and found a few things along the way.

Here there are:



  1. The belief that Success = Money
  2. Thinking that my work equals my worth
  3. Being glued to a screen
  4. Social media addiction
  5. Daily distractions resulting in working more and accomplishing less
  6. Endless mental chatter
  7. Ego driven mindset
  8. Saying yes to everything and everybody that pushed my business further
  9. Always “Doing” because society says so
  10. Stomach pains, hospital visits, and broken relationships
  11. Finding momentary satisfaction through shopping
  12. Working evenings and weekends
  13. Fear of what others are doing
  14. Getting lost in a sea of competition
  15. Hustle
  1. Courage to design a life based on my values
  2. Defined my worth outside of work
  3. Experienced the feeling of freedom and connection with nature when out in the ocean kitesurfing
  4. The joy of being unplugged and taking time each morning to do yoga, meditate, write
  5. Intention and flow resulting in being able to do less, and make more
  6. Consistent mindfulness practice
  7. Commitment to doing what feels right in my gut and not my head
  8. Saying no to everything that doesn’t align with my values or purpose
  9. The art of being and slowing down
  10. Being present with my husband, practicing gratitude daily, creating a community, and listening to what my body needs
  11. Contentment from living a simple life
  12. Being present for my family on evenings and weekends and living in paradise
  13. Slowing down and watching the sunrise over the Sea of Cortez from our bedroom window
  14. Finding my purpose in life and creating my difference
  15. Unhustle

How about you? What have you found on your journey?

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