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Say no to more work and yes to more play to keep your hum going

Milena Regos

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The more balls in the air, the more you need to work. So you end up working all the time.

You love the work, you love the hum. You’re passionate about what you do. It feeds your soul.

But can you keep your hum going? Or does it slowly go away?

Eventually, overworking kills your hum. It breaks your hum. It quiets your hum.

When the hum is gone, you’re gone. You are the hum. 

What do you do when the thing you do turns to dust? You disappear too.

If you love what you do and this gives you the hum, when the hum stops, who are you? 

What are you?

Are you still a titan? Are you great?

What if you tune into the hum of life instead?

To keep your hum at work you need time to play. 

The real hum then comes alive – your confidence, peace, love, joy, presence.

You’re not your ego, your big goals, or your workaholic habit.

You’re so much more than that.

Say YES to play. 

Say Yes to Joy. Say Yes to Love. Say Yes to what feels good.

Because as much as you like working, you can build a legendary life with impactful work and relaxed success – it’s the only way to make sure your hum is sustainable. I call it creating sustainable LIFEWORKPLAY Design.

Hum all the time.

Work doesn’t work without play.

Fall in love with life’s hum. Fall in love with who you are.

Say no to more work and yes to more play.

Take 15 to play each day.

Inspired by Shonda Rhimes’s TedTalk.

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