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The Unhustle Guide to the Holiday Season

Milena Regos

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Do you want a jolly holiday season without getting overwhelmed this year?

Follow our Unhustle guide and experience calmer holiday season and plenty of joy this year without the extra stress from family, obligations, work, and shopping.

The brilliant fall colors serve as a reminder that the holidays are around the corner. Online and offline retailers are creating their holiday marketing campaigns to claim your attention and get your hard-earned money. Your family is already talking about Thanksgiving dinner and gifts. And all you can think about is sitting on a warm beach away from the holiday music.

Although I’ve included the tropical beach solution in our guide below, I’m very aware that it may not be realistic for many of you. So what can you do to keep your sanity, health, and emotional wellbeing this holiday season? Follow our Unhustle guide and focus on self-care, mental wellbeing, and experiences instead of things. Say No to the mainstream holiday craze and short-lived happiness from materialistic things. Say Yes to living a simple life where less is more, experiences are rich and meaningful, love and well-being are more important than scrolling on your phone.

Without turning into the Grinch this year, make time for yourself and the important things in life. You’ll feel good when Jan 1st comes.

Here’s The Unhustle Guide to the Holiday Season

1. Move

Stretch, do yoga, try QiGong or TaiChi, go hiking, biking, do a quick HIIT workout at home. You can do a 7-12 minute quick HIIT workout at home before your shower. No more excuses for being short on time or having to drive to the gym.

2. Meditate

Even a 10 min meditation in the morning or evening is better than none. You don’t need to sit crossed-legged on the floor. Sit like you are going to watch Netflix, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Meditation comes with a ton of benefits. It’s a simple and effective way to reduce anxiety, increase happiness, and help you get into a flow for the day. Get more done in less time and enjoy the rest of your day. My favorite meditation technique comes from Light Watkins. “His approach to meditating is both simple and profound” – says Deepak Chopra. I was finally able to stick to a consistent practice using his teachings.

3. Breathe

Box breathing is a technique Navy Seals use in combat mode to lower stress. Inhale and count to 4, hold your breath and count to 4, exhale and count to 4, wait and count to 4 before inhaling again. It’s simple. It works. When you feel your emotions going in the wrong direction, remember to use the box breathing technique 7- 8 times to calm down. Watch the video where I show you how to do it.

Another favorite breathing technique of mine is the Wim Hof Method. It helps you lower inflammation, increase energy, decrease stress, get focused, better sleep, improves performance. I like to combine it with number 9 below – cold therapy.

4. Nutrition

Cook a healthy, nutritious meal with friends and family. Leave the phone on airplane mode and engage in a meaningful conversation while cooking and eating (no politics allowed). Stay away from sugar and too much coffee. Skip the pumpkin latte at Starbucks and make this pumpkin soup instead.

5. Fall Detox

I like doing ayurvedic cleanses based on your constitution twice a year. It does take a little bit of planning and extra time in your day but I find that time to be very meditative and part of a self-care ritual. I recommend using a website like Banyan Botanical for their ayurvedic guide and the ingredients you’ll need for your cleanse. If you don’t know your ayurvedic constitution, you can take the easy quiz on their website and find out. A 3 – 7 day cleanse will reset your digestive system, detoxify you, balance you and get you ready for winter.

6. Spread Love

Declutter your house and donate stuff you don’t use to a charity. Volunteer to a local organization. Donating your time and stuff will make you feel good and less fortunate people appreciate your help. Giving gives you purpose, and purpose makes you happy. Giving time especially when you are busy will make you feel happy. We are hard-wired to help each other out. The benefits of volunteering are many. Start with one local organization in your neighborhood and see how you feel.

7. Experiences

Opt for meaningful experiences instead of materialistic things. If you want that tropical beach experience, come stay with us in Baja this winter at our completely remodeled airstream. We’ll practice Unhustle principles, connect with nature, greet the sunrise, eat fresh food and connect with the earth. Details at

8. Forest Bathing

Plan a day in nature without your phone. Doing forest bathing helps ease stress and builds your immune system. You can do it in a park or a forest. Forest bathing is a Japanese wellbeing practice. It is scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, improve sleep and mood, increase energy and creativity. Even 2 hours a month deeply connected with nature will have a long-lasting effect on your wellbeing.

9. Cold therapy

Take a cold shower in the morning. Start with 5 sec and build up to a minute. It will boost your immune system, lower your stress and inflammation and make you stronger. This is the second component of the Wim Hof Method. I noticed an influx of energy, better sleep, stamina and creativity upon doing cold therapy for a few weeks.

10. Unwind

DIY home spa days are an affordable and easy way to take time for yourself. Put a few drops of lavender essential oil in your oil diffuser, slap a face mask on, light up some candles and read a book. 60 minutes to pure bliss. I like this stress rehab face mask for $4 from Pacifica or make my own using matcha, baking soda, honey, and water. Ready in 1 min.

11. Be Grateful

Say 3 things you are grateful for every morning and every evening. Having a gratitude practice is scientifically proven to make you happier. Appreciate the time you have with friends and family and reconnect with an old friend. Nothing to be grateful for. Just know that according to the World Bank, about 3 billion people live off $2.50 per day. Did you find something to be grateful for now?

12. Smile

Smile when you wake up each morning and as often as you can during the day. Smiling puts us in a good mood. Even an inner smile works. Put the corners of your mouth up and go through the holidays in a flow.

Follow these simple Unhustle practices to manage stress, avoid overwhelm and experience happiness, wellbeing, and joy this holiday season and into 2020.

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