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Using Flow to Build a Thriving Business with Instagram Star Kat Coroy

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In a world obsessed with busyness and chasing success at all costs, we end up burnt out, stressed out, and lonely. At Unhustle, my vision is to shift this paradigm. It’s about finding the sweet spot between doing and real living, embracing a lifestyle that balances life enjoyment with purposeful achievement. This is the future I’m creating with Unhustle—a sustainable, prosperous future for ourselves, our families, communities, teams, companies, and the planet.

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How to build a thriving business by getting into a state of flow every day

Kat Coroy experienced complete burnout, which put her in a hospital. When she came out, she was determined to create a sustainable life and business for herself. She quit her corporate job and became a thriving entrepreneur by listening to her body and taking naps when she needs to.  Kat built a successful business by getting into flow every day. 

Disagreeing with the whole notion of Hustle Culture, Kat has taken her life and income in her hands.

“You can’t be in a flow state and do your best work when you are tired.” – says Kat Coroy.  

Her advice for people right now: “Can you take the time you are not working to envision your dream business?” 

We talk about building self-confidence and dreaming big. “WHY CAN’T IT BE YOU?” is a question Kat poses to all want us who dream of working less, making more and living fully. 

“You can figure stuff out and make it work for you. You can create your dream business.” 

Kat built one of the most successful online courses on the Internet by working 7 am – 4 pm, four days a week, by getting into a state of flow to avoid working hard. How does she do it? 

Kat Coroy’s tips for getting into a state of flow: 

Contrary to what we think about productivity Kat gets to her email first. That’s because she gets a lot of love from her clients. It makes her feel good.  

  • Use Dragon Naturally Speaking to get out of typing. 
  • Use Evernote to create templates. 
  • Work in a block of time by setting up 50 min blocks to get it all done. 
  • Think about concepts, not tasks. 
  • Meditate and keep in a good state in mind to stay happy. 
  • When inspiration comes, write it down. 
  • Have “little” systems in place to save time. 
  • Eliminate the distractions – Kat’s phone is on “airplane” most of the time. “I don’t let my phone rule my life.”
  • Use Facebook Business Manager for her Instagram and Facebook communication. 
  • Create a beautiful space to work.
  • Take time for yourself when you need it. 
  • Take care of what you eat / exercise. 

Right now is a great time to be online. If you want to move forward with your business, what can you do online?

Entrepreneur Takeaway: 

Think about what you really want. What makes you thick? What would make you happy?What can you do to Unhustle? How can you automate your income? Kat runs a super successful online course (only one) on 2 hours a day. What can you do?

Kat Coroy Bio: 

Kat Coroy is an online educator, designer & brander that has worked with the Big Brands in London for 20+ years. She now empowers entrepreneurs and small business owners to find their unique Brand Soul Essence, finally, crack the social media code & become Instagram Rockstars. 

She teaches business owners how to confidently and powerfully express their unique gifts and talents on Instagram with authenticity, design, truth, and soul to soul marketing so they can finally get their messages out into the world, impact lives, become successful and create the business of their dreams. 

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