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Wellness Weekend in Lake Tahoe

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Come Unhustle with Us in this Wellness Weekend in Lake Tahoe

Feeling stressed out? Too much to do and not enough time? Having to deal with family over the holidays got you worried?

We want to offer you a reset wellness weekend before the holiday craziness starts. Take time for yourself this fall and learn how to manage stress better. In a matter of a few days, focus on your well-being and walk away with tips and techniques to become stress-resilient. This holiday season, approach life with a different mindset.

We’ve partnered up with Granlibbaken on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe to conduct two of our most popular workshops as part of their Wellness Weekend. This event is one of the most popular events in Lake Tahoe focused on wellness. And their theme for this year is Stress Management and Stress Resilience.

The two Unhustle workshops we are leading this year are:

The Unhustle Morning Practices

We’ll review basic Unhustle practices focusing on your mind and body. Take a little bit of time in the morning to get calm, balanced, energized and focused for the day. By the end of the workshop, you will create your morning practices including movement, mindfulness, and biohacks to invigorate you and get you ready to tackle your day without adding any more to your busy day.

Biohacks for Stress Management

Biohacking is changing your internal and external environment so you have better control over your biology. You can learn more about biohacking in our recent blog post of simple biohacks you can put in place in your life. To put together this workshop, I reached out to over 9,000 biohackers and gathered their feedback on the best biohacks they would recommend for stress management. Besides, I spoke with a couple of mindfulness experts on what they recommend the best approaches to dealing with stress are. We’ll review all the findings and you’ll create the de-stress practices that you can tap into when needed.

But we don’t want you to wait for the wellness weekend to learn how to deal with stress. We put together this free PDF with 15 ways to distress. These are easy to do things that you can incorporate right now. You have time to smile, breathe and go for a walk right? See what else we recommend is good for getting more grounded and calm.

To save money on the Granlibbaken Wellness Weekend in Nov, use this special friends and family code for $50 off the event fee. Use WWFF2019 and book your wellness experience today. The entire weekend is only $299. Book your wellness weekend and get ready to take your mind and body to a whole different level.

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