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World Unhustle Day Dec 29, 2020

Milena Regos

In a world obsessed with busyness and chasing success at all costs, we end up burnt out, stressed out, and lonely. At Unhustle, my vision is to shift this paradigm. It’s about finding the sweet spot between doing and real living, embracing a lifestyle that balances life enjoyment with purposeful achievement. This is the future I’m creating with Unhustle—a sustainable, prosperous future for ourselves, our families, communities, teams, companies, and the planet.

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World #Unhustle Day: 12/29/2020.


What: A day to pause, unlearn, heal, redefine your success and rethink life and work for 2021.

When: Dec 29, 2020

Where: 10 Countries. One mission. Join us for FREE #Unhustle Happy Hour the day of the event. Details and free registration here.

Why: The current way of working is broken. Work addiction is costing our humanity. It’s time for a reset. Dec 29 is the last full moon of the year, for centuries being celebrated as time to heal, time for solitude and rest, and time to plan for the new year.

Who: World #Unhustle Day Dec 29, 2020 is for everyone who needs to bring more balance in their lives. Entrepreneurs, start up founders, executives, and leaders from around the world who want to unlearn old ways and begin a new way of living with more health, space, and time leading to high performance.

How: Tell us how you plan to celebrate. Take a day off (or 5 min off) to do something for you. Show us on social media by tagging us in your images and videos with @unhustle. We’ll pick 3 three people at random for a 90 min FREE Unhustle Strategy Session to up level your life and business in 2021.

World #Unhustle Day is Dec 29, 2020. A day to rest, unlearn, relearn and plan for the new year.

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The origin of World Unhustle Day

We are overworked, stressed out, burnt out and tired of sitting at home, working all the time. During the pandemic, we put in three extra hours of work a day making work-life balance even more elusive.

We think we can achieve success by putting in long hours—but that’s a lie. Hustle Culture is detrimental. It keeps us away from living a complete life. It’s not sustainable. It’s not healthy and it turns out, it’s not even productive. It’s jeopardizing our business growth. It impacts our human progress. It takes lives.

The results are staggering

Globally, studies show we are exhibiting much higher rates of symptoms of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychological distress, and stress compared to pre-pandemic times. Entrepreneurs may suffer even more, as illustrated by the  news of Tony Hsieh’s tragic death. A recent study by Michael Freeman from the University of San Francisco found out that almost half of entrepreneurs suffer from at least one form of mental health condition during their life.

Freeman’s research has shown that start-up founders are:

  • Twice as likely to suffer from depression
  • Six times more likely to suffer from ADHD
  • Three times more likely to suffer from substance abuse
  • 10 times more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder
  • Twice as likely to have a psychiatric hospitalization
  • Twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts

There’s a mental health crisis among entrepreneurs. Founder burnout is real. If you are an investor, check out why mental health matters for start ups.

We are literally dying from this Hustle Culture.

There’s a dark secret bubbling below the surface of start up culture in Silicon Valley. Sleep is not cool. Pregnancy is not cool. Busy is a badge of honor. Where does it end?

It’s time to regain our power and take back our humanity.

“Can we all take a moment to do nothing, rather than something, even if it’s for 5 minutes today, just sit in a chair and contemplate your life, in honor of Tony Hseih who likely couldn’t do this for himself. I know for me it saves me sanity.” – Kristen Ulmer, a former professional extreme skier

Unhustle – A counterintuitive but scientifically proven solution

It’s time for a reset. A full realignment. A new way of living more aligned with being human.

Unhustle is about unlearning limiting beliefs and society’s norms. Redefine success on your own terms. It’s about shifting your perspective and creating an authentic life based on your values.

It’s time to take back your time, health, and freedom. As a result you can tap into more flow, more energy and more productivity.

Unhustle was born out of my personal story. You can read more about it here. Dec 29th is also the last full moon of the year.  Known in the Northern Hemisphere as the Full Long Nights Moon. The Cold Moon.  It takes its name from the winter solstice, which has the longest night in the year. It’s about solitude. Getting clear on your values. Healing. Endings and beginnings.

Unhustle has become a worldwide phenomenon.

A mindset.

A philosophy.

A new way of living, working and being.

A revolutionary approach to the way we live and work (and in that order).

Join the movement.

Start by celebrating World #Unhustle Day on Dec. 29, 2020.

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What entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world say about World #Unhustle Day

“The hustle porn industry has done more to hurt entrepreneurs than any other group in recent memory.

Yes hard work matters. But, success is about designing a legendary LIFE.

Not becoming a slave to a business.

Keep “hustling” and you’ll find yourself divorced, fat, and sick with kids who think you’re an asshole.

It’s time to Unhustle.

It’s time to design businesses that work for our lives, not lives that work for our businesses.” – Christopher Lochhead, #1 Apple Business Podcaster, #1 Amazon Marketing Author, Category Designer, Santa Cruz, California, USA

“Unhustle to me means to always measure twice and cut once. It’s spending more time thinking about how you are working so you can spend less time working while accomplishing more. Leverage is everywhere, but you’ll miss it if you’re not looking. 99% of the population isn’t looking. It’s important right now because as humans we’ve never been more inundated with more things to do at the exact same time as we have nuclear weapons at the tips of our fingers compared with just a decade or two ago.” – Stephan Aarstol, Tower Electric Bikes and author of The Five-Hour Workday: Live Differently, Unlock Productivity, and Find Happiness, San Diego, California, USA

“Unhustle means to pause – take time from the grind to reconsider priorities, what brings you happiness and joy. This is important as emotional and physical well-being are not a given – we abuse our minds and bodies, we flex them so much in pursuit of goals and targets. A lot of times we do it out of habit, the habit of hustling. In 2021 I want to pause a bit more often and honestly answer – is this really worth it? To what end? And if it is not, then I hope to find the courage to let go.”

Lora Kratchounova, Principal, Scratch Marketing + Media, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

“Unhustle to me means to stop jumping every time society says when. We are a productivity and betterment focused world – and it’s actually not for the better! What’s important to me right now is realizing that I am where I am supposed to be. With my son and a focus on home and health and community. 2021 I would like to attempt to get back to some sort of creative flow. The blurred lines of time and space from the pandemic has made it hard for me to focus. I’d like more of that back :)”

Jess Davis, Writer, Founder of Folk Rebellion, Brooklyn USA

“To me, Unhustle means staying in tune with what feels good to me. Of course, I want to rise to challenges and break into new ground in my life and business, but I think doing those things should give me a thrill, rather than weigh me down and exhaust all my energy. I’ve realized it’s important to be intentional when it comes to simplifying my life and as we move into 2021, I want to make a more conscious effort to structure my time so I can make the most out of both work AND play.”

Lisa Furze, Brand Consultant & Designer, Sydney, Australia

“Unhustle means slowing down and stepping back to reflect and be more present. To honor the day, I will probably be taking the day off!”

Rebecca Zucker, Partner, Next Step Partners – San Francisco, CA USA

“I painstakingly ground my way up the corporate ladder for many years, always thinking that I had to work harder to get further, and that if I wasn’t working harder I was failing (Type A anyone?!). One year, after receiving a ‘bad’ review, I decided to work less ‘hard’ and guess what, the following year I got a better review. Unhustle for me is about working smarter, not harder. Not doing busy work, but the critical path work that gets results, and knowing the difference between the two. In 2020, I turned my back on the ‘go hard or go home’ culture, and on the Gary V’s of this world who think that if you are not killing yourself you are not doing your best, and openly judge you against their values. The simple fact of the matter is, if I have to kill myself to have it, then it doesn’t align with *my* values, and I therefore don’t want it. For me, 2020 has been about learning about the existence of feminine energy, the energy of being rather than doing, and in 2021, rather than ‘killing myself’ to have ‘it’, I will be figuring out how to get ‘it’ by playing in my zone of genius and bringing about a state of flow which makes work ‘feel’ effortless. Work is work. It’s how it makes you feel that determines whether you will burn out or thrive.”

Nada Masoud, Founder of Body Beautiful Woman, London UK

“For me, 2020 was a transformative year of learning how to sit in the discomfort of change. I am usually a busy body, going from my day job to my side hustle. I have used this year to soak in the change of simply being rather than constantly doing. I want to continue reminding myself to slow down and work diligently, vs. constantly. I will honor this day by getting offline and doing the things I love such as spending time outside, reading, connecting with loved ones, cooking, and dancing.”

Liana Pavane, founder, TTYL, New York, US

“Disconnect. Self-reflecting”

Henri Birmele, CEO, The Carte Story

“Unhustle means to flow through a day with ease. To prioritize your time and use it wisely. To live and Inspire others to live life with more empathy and compassion. To be ok with resistance!”

Unhustle-ing is one of the most important things to hit the world in the last few years and will prove to be one of the best things for people to learn. As things have been bizarre this year, to say the least, I embraced this and took to working only part-time. This ensured I was able to dive deep into long term creative projects (both books and films). By allowing myself to take time to think and be creative, I was able to accomplish more in the past six months than in the past six years. By stepping back, you may just find yourself stepping forward.”- Shane Borza, Coach, Shane Borza Coaching LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

“There is an incredible amount of disharmony in the world today. It has infected the lives and choices of leaders, disrupted the lives of hard-working people, and upset the childhood of millions. If there was ever a time to explore harmony and its ability to empower people, now is the time.

Unhustle is the collaborative effort to explore the tools that are inherently human, but that has been slowly extracted from modern, human life. I’m excited to share meditations into neuroplasticity and how we can literally rewire the neurons in our bodies so that our bodies and minds function better than ever before. Unhustle also brings awareness to practicing ways to improve our resilience to challenges and life experiences.”- Indy Rishi Singh, Co-Founder, SOGO and Cosmic Labyrinth, San Francisco, California, USA

“Unhustle means enjoying the MOST out of your life, so you can live in alignment, receive divine inspiration and feel fulfilled doing it all! In 2021 I’m definitely dropping “busy work” from my plate.”- Haley Hoover, The Sparkling Hippie, Sonora, California, USA

“Unhustle means valuing myself and relationships with others. It’s about respecting myself, staying alert, and focused on my goals. It’s loving and cherishing life; that there’s more life than working hard on my career. I learned that I need to take breaks every now and then to refresh myself and enjoy life.  Let’s love life all we can while we still can.”- Viva O’Flynn, Entrepreneur, Love Viva Cakes and Crafts, Gloucester, UK

“To me unhustle means to unplug from the demands of the daily grind and create the space to breathe. It makes me think of diving off of a cliff into the ocean and just enjoying the moment of peace and tranquility. It’s so important to unhustle because 2020 has taught us all, nay, forced us all to slow down! We’ve had no choice but to completely pause and re-think how we spend our time and if that answer doesn’t make us happy, it’s time for a change. I learned to be truer to myself and live by my own terms instead of other peoples.“- Rhoda Twumasi, Rhoda on Brand, Melville Saskatchewan, Canada

“I want to learn to scale my business so I don’t have to work as much. 2020 has been empowering and a reminder to enjoy life because you never know what happens.” – Katja Presnal, Business and marketing strategist, Presnal5, Helsinki, Finland

Unhustle means something more than a weekend.”- Chris Tucker, President, RightNow Communications, San Diego, California, USA

“Unhustle – or letting go of the hustle – is all about self-awareness. Self-awareness of your needs. Awareness of the present – appreciating the moment. Unhustle allows for awareness of the sufferings of others and an awareness of the impact we all have. Unhustle is about living a life of authenticity, a life of meaning, purpose and love. Unhustle is living your truth in mind, body and spirit. Unhustle ultimately is about inner peace and balance. Unhustle allows us to be our best selves and to make the impact we desire.”

Simone Giangiordano / BalanceUP Lifestyle & Creativity Coach, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States

“Unhustle means finding space for yourself and separating work and life. 2020 made putting this barrier really difficult and this is something I would like to reinstate in 2021.”

I will celebrate World Unhustle Day by spending time with family and friends and enjoying 12 days off work.” Bozhana Miteva, Mondelez International. London, UK

“I plan to honor World Unhustle Day by taking a true pause to reflect and breathe. 2020 challenged everyone emotionally, physically, and professionally. In all the frantic reactivity, many of us forgot to focus on those things that we can actually control; our own health, time priorities and mental health. Owning our calendars and making conscious (sometimes courageous) choices about how we spend our time is the key to creating success both personally and professionally. Taking the time to understand what worked, what didn’t and how I am going to make conscious choices in 2021 bearing in mind that honest assessment will allow me to grow and build myself and my business.” Cindy Solomon, Founder & CEO, The Courageous Leadership Institute

  “Unhustle to me means to slow down, appreciate the moment, and enjoy each day and what it brings my way. To focus on cultivating connections and cherishing the people that bring joy to my heart. To trust in the journey and trust that this is the best way to live a full meaningful life. Despite what 2020 brought into the world, it has also given me the gift of perspective and resiliency. I went into 2020 looking to accomplish so many goals and realized the world has it’s own timing and the best thing I can do is to let go of my own beliefs of what should happen or how it should happen…and instead slow down, focus and honor what and who matters in my life. On World Unhustle Day, I am planning to release any emotions and beliefs holding me back, reflect on what’s aligned for me to plan a meaningful my path for the new year.” “Rest, practice gratitude, reflect and let go of habits and behavior that have caused me stress and abuse on my body and soul. Plan the new year in a meaningful way that aligns with my values, makes an impact, and makes me happy.” Hala Chibani | Business coach and founder of Next Level Entrepreneurs, Toronto, Canada.   “Unhustle for me would be to LIVE in the present moment, to me mindful and to take time for oneself to be centered. This is important because other wise we are not living our lives we are only surviving life, reacting from the outside stimuli and urgent necessities. I have learn that I need to let go of control and accept the changes that come a long my way and trust that what ever happens its going to be okay. I will honor that day by doing a morning meditation.” Marcela Ley Vela, Founder, Casa Tara Retreat, Baja California Sur, Mexico  “Balance – Unhustle is all about the management of the brain, the time, the heart, the body. What a year it has been. Emerging in May from a year long doing my own Unhustle, the remainder of 2020 was a real challenge. Considering the —-obvious… it’s 2020, much of what I learned that I brought forward to 2020 exercised grace and forgiveness. Acutely aware of other people and their conditions I exercised Grace. Grace for me, Grace for the people I love, Grace for the people I work with.” “Given we are in a lockdown, I plan to continue how I live my day now. Grace and Forgiveness.” Dena Marean, Nerdio, Seattle WA, USA  “Unhustle means to break free from proving energy. It’s important because true wealth means living expansively. 2020 was a year where I did all the things and then burned out. I’m showing up differently in my relationship to work in 2021.” Meredith Vaish, CEO Pause Box, SF Bay Area, USA

How to get involved in World Unhustle Day Dec 29, 2020

What does your mind and body need? How can you work less and earn more? What are your goals for 2021? Some ideas are:

  • Tag us on social media with @unhustle for a chance to win 1 of 3 Unhustle Strategy Sessions.
  • Join us for #Unhustle Happy Hour
  • Connect with nature
  • Sleep in
  • Unplug from social media for a day
  • Work an hour or two less and focus on the thing that moves the needle
  • Eliminate one thing from your to-do list.
  • Plan your biggest goals for 2021.

Join us for Unhustle #Happy Hour

How do you plan to celebrate World Unhustle Day? Send a paragraph or a video and tell us how you plan to celebrate World Unhustle Day for a chance to be featured in our publicity and social media channels. 

Mark your calendar for Dec 29, 2020  – the most important day of the year.

Tag your social media images with #unhustle and tag us @unhustle for a chance to win a one of three high-value 90 min Unhustle Strategy Session so you can work less and live legendary in 2021.

Celebrate World #Unhustle Day on Dec 29, 2020 with us.

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