Redefine Success Without Sacrifice

Embrace a life of fulfillment, harmony, and joy. Join the Unhustle Movement and discover how to achieve your boldest goals without burning out.



Harmonia™: Your Path to Relaxed Success

Hey there, are you a high achiever or a busy professional longing for more balance, fulfillment, and joy? Do you constantly feel torn between career success and a fulfilling personal life? 

Harmonia™ is our exclusive program for optimistic rebels, using the Unhustle Method™ to create whole-life success. 

Rooted in over a decade of personal experiments, meticulous research, and hands-on experience with hundreds of high-achievers, our program is designed for those who refuse to settle for a life of sacrifices. This isn't just another program—it's a revolution in rewriting the rules of success. Combining holistic well-being, lifestyle design, and leadership development, Harmonia™ is crafted by humans, for humans.

8-Week Online Program

Our 8-week curriculum includes:
  • Proven Strategies: Use evidence-based Unhustle Method™ principles to restore balance, empower growth, and foster sustainable success.
  • Balanced Living: Find harmony between your professional ambitions and your personal well-being.
  • Clarity and Growth: Get clear on your career path, expand your income, and make an impact without compromising your health or relationships.

Our clients report:
  • Increased Life Enjoyment and Work Fulfillment: Discover deeper meaning in both your work and life.
  • Harmonious Living: Achieve work-life balance between your professional goals and personal well-being.
  • Sustainable Growth: Expand your income potential, and make a meaningful impact without sacrifices. 

You can have a fulfilling life and a successful career. Let The Unhustle Method™ guide you to a sustainable and satisfying future of relaxed success. Spots are limited. 


Unhustle Academy

Get off the hamster wheel & design a life you're madly in love with. The Unhustle Academy is the place for rebels who want to live a legendary life while doing legendary work. Life’s too short for anything less than extraordinary.

Join the Unhustle Academy and get access to:
  • A Community of Like-Hearted People: Connect with individuals who share your values and dreams.
  • Online Forum and In-Person Meetups: Have meaningful conversations both online and in real life.
  • Exclusive Library: Unlimited access to our collection of online courses, workshops, and challenges.
  • Thought-Provoking Conversations: Join discussions, workshops, Q&As, and presentations on topics like mental fitness, creativity, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, mindful productivity, human skills, and somatic leadership.
  • Monthly Virtual Meetups: Stay connected and inspired with our regular virtual gatherings.
  • Daily Deep Focus Sessions: Advance your most important project with our focused work sessions at 7am PST.
  • Special Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on various services and products.
  • The Unhustle Book Club: Access recommended readings and insightful discussions.
  • Coaching & Mentorship: Get personalized coaching and mentorship from our network of experts.
  • Support and Accountability: Achieve more by doing less with our support and accountability structures.

Special offer:

Membership community


Unhustle 1-on-1 

You’re here because you're curious about learning how to unhustle and start fully living. Introducing Personal UNHUSTLE® 1-on-1 Discovery. We all know why and how to hustle. But few know why and how to unhustle. Think of it as the missing piece to real living. While we’re writing the book on it, we’ve developed our unique methodology and coaching based on timeless principles and modern science, backed by years of experience in business, entrepreneurship, and leadership. The personal Unhustle 1-on-1 Discovery is an individual-focused session with Milena Regos, a certified Human Potential and ICF coach, to get you to a first draft of your Unhustle Life and Career in a single session.

You’ll also get:
  • Tools and Practical Strategies: Think more clearly about your Unhustle Life and Career.
  • Personalized UNHUSTLE Document: Design a legendary life and do what you love.
  • Remove What Stands in the Way: Gain clarity on how to overcome your inner obstacles.

Executive Leadership & Human Potential Coaching

How It Works:
  • Schedule Your Session
  • Meet on Zoom
  • Receive Your Personalized UNHUSTLE Document

It takes a willingness to be open, to share personal stories, and to trust the process. Vegas rules apply: what happens in your session, stays in your session.

  • Time: 1 session / 2 hours
  • Cost: USD $950

U-Fest Baja Retreat 2025 

JOIN US: April 20-27, 2025.

Each year, some of the world’s most amazing humans join us on the beach in the most magical place on the planet - Baja California Sur. The humans who come are at the heart of the Unhustle Movement. But the magic here comes from everyone. You’ll have a chance to unhustle with us for a week. Sign up for yoga classes, meditation, organized Baja adventures, community dinners, and Unhustle programming. We'll send you recommendations where to stay and how to get here. Book your own music festival tickets to BajaWonderGrass April 24-26, 2025.

Experience Highlights:
  • Gain Clarity: Reconnect with your passions, superpowers, and purpose.
  • Discover Awareness, Aliveness, and Alignment.
  • Create Your Personal Unhustle Rebel Roadmap: Walk away with your personal plan to create success without sacrifices.


See for yourself why The Unhustle® event was named “the key to executive success” by CNN Business.

April Jones, Founder:

“The Unhustle® Method allowed me to explore how I view success, what I want out of my career, and how to add more play to my life.”

"I made new friendships, started those salsa dance lessons (!), and even changed how I now start my day! As an entrepreneur, mom of 3, and wife, life can feel like a bit of a juggling act, with little time left for me. My goal for Unhustling wasn't to give up my career goals but to find more harmony between work and life so I can still achieve great things while feeling and being my best. Milena guided our group through the Unhustle journey with learnings, research, and tools to start designing the life I want to live!"

Zdenek (Zee) Lozias, Head of Product:

“ I no longer feel overwhelmed and can really make progress with my work.”

"I attended the program right when I was on the brink of burnout and overworking all the time. It really helped me realize what was really important to me and, step by step, get back to the place where I am right now where I’m happy to jump on work and everything is so much easier now."

Kathrine Watson, CEO:

"I now have much better morning rituals and so much more time, focus, and space."

"Great series and sessions! It was such a great experience to connect with people, and hope to continue in the future. It really helped me declutter my digital chaos. I have deleted 2000 emails, unsubscribed from things that just took up time and space. My biggest takeaway was learning to work with my own biology instead of going against it. That was very valuable and so easy to implement. A very worthwhile investment!"