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Practice Makes Purpose: Finding Meaning Through Play with Melissa Bernstein

Milena Regos

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Practice Makes Purpose: Finding Meaning Through Play with Melissa Bernstein

In this captivating episode, we delve into the world of creativity, self-discovery, and finding meaning in both work and life. Our guest, Melissa Bernstein, an entrepreneur, visionary creative, female leader, and Co-Founder of the tremendously successful toy company Melissa & Doug, has spent the last 30 years helping children discover themselves, their passions, and their purpose through open-ended play.

Now, after her own personal journey of self-discovery, depression and acceptance, she is using her unparalleled creativity to reinvent well-being products that help adults find calm at her new venture Lifelines. Driven by her quest to redefine well-being and infuse it with creativity and meaning, Melissa aims to empower adults to embrace imperfections, find solace, and live life in every hue.

Join us as she shares her inspiring insights on navigating depression, creativity, embracing simplicity, and the transformative power of play for finding meaning in life.

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