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More Than One Crisis

Milena Regos

In a world obsessed with busyness and chasing success at all costs, we end up burnt out, stressed out, and lonely. At Unhustle, my vision is to shift this paradigm. It’s about finding the sweet spot between doing and real living, embracing a lifestyle that balances life enjoyment with purposeful achievement. This is the future I’m creating with Unhustle—a sustainable, prosperous future for ourselves, our families, communities, teams, companies, and the planet.

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We are dealing with more than one crisis.

The Great Lockdown has turned into the worst recession since the Great Depression, and far worse than the Global Financial Crisis states IMF.

We are dealing with more than one crisis. In addition to pandemic, lockdown, and recession, we are tired, lonely, sleep-deprived and depressed.

Unhappiness is a crisis. 

We work more, but we are less happy shows the World Happiness Report.

Loneliness is a crisis. 

More than three of every five Americans is lonely.

A survey found 63% of men to be lonely, compared with 58% of women, an increase of 13% since 2018. Gen Z is the most lonely generation, and social media is not helping. Loneliness leads to anxiety and depression.

Social media addiction is a crisis.

Social media use is a significant contributor to loneliness. Research shows that 73% of very heavy social media users considered lonely, as compared with 52% of light users. I created the FREE 7-Day Social Media Detox Challenge to help you unplug from social media.

Burnout is a crisis. 

79% of health care leaders are burnout. People working in global health are burnout. Gallup estimates that ⅔ of workers are burnout. We don’t take our vacations (50% of Americans don’t take a vacation) yet we produce less than other developed countries.

Sleep deprivation is a crisis. 

Coronasomnia is affecting many. If you have trouble sleeping, these tips may help. I’ve decided to reduce alcohol, exercise more and shut down all tech at 8pm.

Mental health is a crisis. 

Four in ten people are reporting symptoms of depression and anxiety during COVID-19, up from one in ten before the pandemic. That’s 41.1% compared to 11% before. Isolation and job loss are significant contributors to the increase in this number. Entrepreneurs are especially prone to mental health challenges.

KFF reports that 22% of essential workers considered suicide in the past 30 days, 8% of non-essential workers. These past months have been especially tough on parents, women, people of color, people who are making less money. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention states that a person dies of suicide every 12.8 minutes in the United States.

I just found out that a dear friend took his life. I’m devastated. Today has been raw. Surreal.

If you are struggling, please, reach out to someone who can help.

A friend.

A family member.

A counselor.


I believe we can prevent many of these issues if we pay more attention to our emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, social and financial well-being. If we take time to slow down, to listen, to tune in.

We can train in becoming more resilient. Even some small steps every day can help.

Small steps to increase your resilience:

Stop Doing 

  • If you are drinking too much, see if you can cut down a bit
  • If you are working too much, see if you can create stop time to your day and give yourself time to recharge
  • If you are saying yes to too many things, start saying No so you can make time for you
  • If you feel overwhelmed, take a break
  • Get out of toxic relationships and situations

Start Doing

  • Spend time in nature
  • Make sure to get enough sleep
  • Talk with someone who can help – a friend, a relative, a coach, a counselor
  • Get some sunshine and fresh air
  • Ask yourself: “Is it true?”

The doors are open to The 7-Week Unhustle Mastery program. Connect with like-minded people, train to become more resilient, focus on your well-being, and find joy and inner peace. Join me.

Note: I’m not a trained psychologist or psychiatrist. I’m a certified Human Potential Coach.

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